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Moira's Resumé

Work Experience

Spring 2023

Undergraduate Research

April 2023

Marathon Monday Volunteer (EMT)

2022 - Present

Armstrong Ambulance - EMT, B

2022 - Present


2022 - Present

Resident Assistant


STEM Summer Camp Coordinator

2020 - Present

Medical Society (general member)

2020 - Present

CLC | Christian Life Community (member)

2022 - Present

CLC - Leader

Fall 2021

Martial Arts Club

2020 - Present

Mendel Society (general member)


2020 - Present

Bachelor of Science at Boston College

Moira is currently pursuing a Bachelor's of Science degree at Boston College where she is a Neuroscience Major. Her academic excellence and dedication to learning have earned her recognition by faculty and a sought after position on Dr. Regan Bernhard's research team.

Skills & Expertise

I'm Moira, a young and motivated student with a range of varied interests. I'm an avid clarinet player, a talented graphic artist, and an enthusiastic painter. I'm also a critical thinker, an organizer, and a problem solver.

I'm passionate about combining my creativity with my organizational skills, and my talents are constantly evolving. I'm always looking for new ways to challenge myself and grow as an individual.

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